Strategy and vision

The customers of Arion Bank all have diverse and varied goals. Our role is to enable them to seize opportunities as they arise by providing them with quality service and advice. We endeavour to make our services accessible and personalized to the needs of every individual customer.


To excel by offering smart and reliable financial solutions which create future value for our customers, shareholders and society as a whole.

Our main areas of focus:

Excel at what we do

  • Solution-oriented and performance-driven culture
  • Outstanding employees in a motivating environment which is innovative, demanding and enjoyable
  • Work with partners who enhance our business and diversify our product offering

Offer smart solutions

  • Diverse and value-added services for discerning customers
  • Service and decisions are based on data and analysis
  • Digital solutions which make our services more convenient to use

Create future value

  • See things from our customers’ perspective and understand their needs and goals
  • Work responsibly, guided by sustainability
  • Be there for our customers by providing ingenuity, solutions and financial resources

Your success

Success can come in many forms. We are all different, with diverse goals but we all aim to get ahead and your success is what we are aiming for. Our role is to help customers, owners, employees and the society in which we work to achieve their goals.

Helping our customers succeed

Whether it is a major company investing in green production or a start-up seeking funding, young people heading overseas to study or older people developing asset portfolios and securing their financial futures, we are always working for the success of our customers.

Helping society succeed

The projects we finance impact our society and the environment. We believe in a robust economy and are at the forefront in green financing, a position we intend to maintain.

Helping our shareholders succeed

Thousands of people in Iceland are shareholders in Arion Bank, both directly and indirectly through pension funds. We are aware of our responsibility and aspire to create greater value for our shareholders.

Helping our employees succeed

Our employees are a diverse group of people who share a passion for their work. We endeavour to build a workplace where knowledge, expertise and skills can be put to good use.

Convenient banking

In today’s rapidly evolving society we seek to meet the needs of our customers by providing outstanding service which is convenient and accessible around the clock. Digital technology facilitates efficient, flexible and personalized service. Our sophisticated and user-friendly solutions have made us a market leader in Iceland.

A diverse selection of products and range of services are central to developing close and dependable long-term relationship with customers. By offering universal financial services and insurance to individuals and companies the Bank can provide our customers with a comprehensive overview of all their finances in just one location. This is how we meet different needs and apply our expertise so that we can help customers reach their full potential.

Green finance

Arion Bank’s sustainability policy bears the title "Together we make good things happen" and signifies that the Bank wants to act as a role model in responsible and profitable business practices, taking into account the environment, the economy and society.

We realize that the greatest impact banks can have is through lending and investment and we take this responsibility seriously. The Bank has adopted an ambitious environment and climate policy and is committed to efforts to ensure that Iceland can meet its obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement and other domestic and international environment and climate treaties. Arion Bank offers its customers green financial services, such as green car loans, deposits, mortgages, corporate loans and green funds at Stefnir. Green finance is discussed in more detail here.